Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tip: Do Epic Shit.

This photo was taken about 15 miles north of the US/ Canada border.

A little back story for you: Jason and I are big fans of the show “Gold Rush,” and we have enjoyed learning about the area and have a bit of a fascination with the scenery they show in some of the areas of that show. Jason, in particular, had always wanted to drive into the Yukon in Canada. I don’t know why – sometimes we have unexplainable fascinations and interests, right? 🙂

When we learned that Skagway was one of our ports on our Alaska trip, Jason jumped at the opportunity to rent a Jeep and experience a “DIY tour.”

We picked up the Jeep a few blocks away from the cruise ship and they give you a short overview of how the iPad works, etc. And away we went. We drove about 200 miles round trip from Skagway, Alaska into the Yukon, Canada.

It did not disappoint.

It may stand out as one of the coolest experiences of the trip.

The scenery was unbeatable.

The wildlife was amazing… we saw mountain goats, a black bear, a porcupine, Dall sheep and more.

Planning big things can take time. Planning the 2-week adventure we had in Alaska and all of the moving parts started in October 2022. This excursion was one that we booked early on… and I’m sooo glad we did! We both 10/10 highly recommend it!

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