Motivation Monday: I determine my worth and what I bring.

Over the weekend, in addition to hiking with my amazing and talented hiking partner extraordinaire, Jason, we were hiking with 2 new hiking friends we met on a backpacking excursion in July. It’s fair to say all are probably more experienced than I am. And that’s 100% ok. Full stop.

If you saw my post recently, you’ll know that the descent from the peak of Job’s Sister was INTENSE. It was scree (loose rock and gravel) and sooooo steep. Like we dropped about 1,000 feet in about 3/4 of a mile. Yeah. It was VERY steep. Terrain like this is not my comfort zone at all. Phew. With the patience of my husband not getting too far ahead and our friends having similar patience to wait for me to make my way down, I did it. I didn’t fall. I didn’t freak out.

This is how I know my maturity as a hiker has grown.

In the past, I would have gotten anxious about people waiting for me to get down the slope. I would have gotten flustered if I tripped or slipped or otherwise didn’t perform how I thought others thought I should (yeah, I know!).

And I came across this quote and I felt like it summed up my experience perfectly. I stopped apologizing for taking longer than everyone else and just “held my own.” And you know what? It was amazing!

How are you determining your worth?

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