Wednesday Wisdom: Honor The Feelings.

Ten years ago, I got a phone call that was life-changing.

It was an unexpected call… and actually, it was a voicemail. From a total stranger.

They told me that my mom had died and that they were very sorry.

Jason and I had been out to the movies, so I didn’t get the message right away and when I did, it was quite jarring to my entire self… mind, body, heart, soul.

My mom’s unexpected death was the first of several losses I would endure over the next two years and on this side of it, where hindsight is always 20/20, sure I can say that I’m grateful for the lessons and experiences and for the growth that the heartbreaking and gut wrenching pain brought.

I can also say that I’m really grateful for the experience because it has helped me to be of support to others when they have lost someone.

While the pain has subsided from the loss, the memories grow more fond. And I feel that this quote encapsulates that sentiment quite nicely.

So wherever you might be in your grief journey, please know that I’m here if you ever need to chat. Allow your grief the space to do what it needs to do… sometimes that will be to cry, others will be to laugh when it feels inappropriate to do so. Lean into those feelings and do so with honor and love in your heart for the person you are grieving.


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