Let’s talk about “creature comforts.” These are a few photos from our trip this past weekend to Chewing Gum Lake in Emigrant Wilderness, Stanislaus National Forest.

Jason and I refer to creature comforts on backpacking adventures as the things we aren’t willing to leave at home and are willing to carry with us for comfort in camp. As opposed to comfort on the trail – which means trading off some things that might be a little lighter in weight for the ease of heavy my pack might be.

Here are a few of my creature comforts and pics are included below…

* Camp sandals – They help to give my feet a break from hiking shoes once we get to camp and are set up

* Coffee – I’m just a coffee girl… hee hee

* Nalgene bottle – This helps when filtering water… we use a Smart water bottle and put our filter on the mouth of it and filter into the Nalgene (holds 1L)… then pour the Nalgene into our water bladder (holds 3L). It’s also an easy way to keep track of hydration in camp.

What are some of your favorite creature comforts?

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