Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Create Your Own Magic.

On a recent weekend trek, we were fortunate to get out for two days of snowshoeing in gloriously beautiful weather… comfortable temps, low winds, etc.

One of the things we really enjoy when we’re in the snow is to bring our stove and make a hot chai to sip. It typically goes like this: we snowshoe to our destination, Jason builds some kind of snow structure, I help out by tamping down the snow in various places when he asks for help (otherwise, I’m generally off looking for animal footprints and taking pics). Then we have lunch and enjoy our chai. On days when it is particularly cold, the hot chai seriously warms up our souls.

I consider this creating our own magic because sure it takes some time to plan and pack, etc. at home, however, once on the trail, and after a few outings, it becomes a magical part of the adventure we very much look forward to enjoying.

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