As I’ve previously shared, my husband and I enjoy taking photos…especially of waterfalls. I’m including a few of my favorite shots below, with a short description of where we took the photo.


This photo was taken in the Mt. Shasta area on the McCloud River… There were three waterfalls on this trip and if I recall, this was “Middle falls.”IMG_8275

My husband had an amazing idea to hop out (yes, that’s a highway double yellow line you’re seeing there) and take a shot back up the road as it “led to Mt. Shasta.” This is one of my favorites!  IMG_8302

This waterfall is literally off the road…you can park and walk to it in about 5 minutes. It is called Hedge Creek Falls. There is interesting history at this site, apparently it was where Black Bart hid and jumped up on the road and held up a stage coach. Fun! There is also an amazing view of Mt. Shasta a little further down the trail from this spot.IMG_8333 My husband took a photo of this colorful lizard when he was heading over to take a different angle of the waterfall. IMG_8342My husband is amazing at softening a photo that includes a waterfall. This was a small stream that was coming down from Hedge Creek Falls and he softened just right to capture the beauty!


This is a shot I took from across Siskiyou Lake, which was near the lodge we stayed at…I love to capture something in the foreground (in this case the tree branch) to give the photo a lot of depth.


My husband took this photo of Mt. Shasta illuminated by moonlight. The time frame was Cinco de Mayo in 2012…the Earth was experiencing a “Super Moon” (which is an astrological term, not a astronomical term) which occurs when the moon is the coincidence of a full or new moon with it’s closest approach to the Earth. According to NASA, the full moon in this position is up to 14% larger and 30% brighter. It was an incredible experience!  IMG_7865

We took this photo on our way out of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at sunset.IMG_2494If you’ve ever been to South Lake Tahoe and been on their lake tours during winter, this may look familiar. This photo was taken in Emerald Bay, there is a small island in the top right of the photo…and yes, that’s ice that we are ‘cruising’ through. That was a really neat experience!

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