it is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves quoteYou know, everytime we hike to the top of a mountain, I’m reminded of this quote. 🦖
Last year, I reached my personal best early in the hiking season when we sumitted Freel Peak (10,886 feet) …and less than a month later, we attempted Mt. Whitney which, while we didn’t summit, it did become my new personal best (12,500 feet was where I got altitude sickness). 🙏🏽
So, today, this side of besting my personal best, I am reminded of every time I’m on a trek, it’s me vs. me. I’m pushing myself to do better, go farther, be more nimble, etc. And it’s all subjective, right? I mean only I know how hard I pushed the time before. Only I know how far I got on a previous trip. And this doesn’t just apply on the mountain… it applies in every area of my life. 💃🏽
All this to say… I’m reminded of the fact that I’m constantly growing and conquering myself.
How are you conquering yourself? 🏔
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