Nature background with "communication is key" Motivation Monday: Communication is key… especially when it comes to hiking and backpacking.
It’s important to communicate to those I hike with if I’m not feeling 100% or if I’m developing a blister on my foot… or if I am in need of taking a break, etc.
You see, if I don’t communicate my needs to my hiking partner or group to let them know that something is off, we all continue on like everything is 100%… and if something is in fact off, that problem can worsen and it can put the entire trip at risk.
This lesson came up for me several times this year and most recently on our attempt on Mt. Whitney… I was feeling the effects of altitude sickness and I had let our group know I wasn’t feeling great. Then, as we began the next part of our ascent, it really hit me and I broke down crying because I realized I couldn’t “work through” the altitude sickness. Ultimately, I had to turn back. I’m grateful that I communicated to our group and that they listened and encouraged me to do what I felt was best.
Have you experienced something like this?
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