Over the past week, I’ve been drawn into a child-like wonder-ment and inquiry of many things in my life, in particular my vocal challenge. I started thinking recently what if I were to approach this experience of voice-less-ness how a child might? You may wonder how I came to this place of realization?

ID-10050287I got into my favorite read, Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All, by Stacey Hall (get your copy here: http://www.gofundme.com/Buy-A-Book-To-Save-A-Life) and started seeking some additional insight to this new found wonder-ment. In Chapter 9, Re-Charging Your Inner Chi, Stacey discusses ‘The Yin and Yang of Chi’ (p. 188-189) and one of the things that she explains about yin and yang is that “Yang is associated with day, extroversion, masculine, sun and activity. Yin is associated with the opposite traits of introversion, feminine, moon, and rest.” Ahhh. There it is! Some light was coming into the end of that tunnel for me…then I read further, “So if we are always feeling that we must be on the ‘go, go, go’ and not giving ourselves enough time to ‘rest, rest, rest,’ our Chi will become imbalanced leading to difficulties and challenges which will require us to stop and rest.” Wham-o! I have been ‘go, go, go’…and realized that I hadn’t been scheduling time for ‘rest, rest, rest.’ So over the past few weeks, things were showing up (a.k.a. imbalances and difficulties) in a variety of forms.

I think part of what has been happening over the past few weeks is that I had been focusing on the cause of my voice loss and the possible diagnoses that the doctors still haven’t quite pinned down (they have it narrowed down to 3 now)…I was getting caught up in the go, go, go; or let’s figure-it-out, figure-it-out, figure-it-out mode…LOL. And I had a breakthrough that I don’t have to know what the diagnosis is, I can accept where I am for where I am. If my voice returns, terrific–if not, I’m ok with that too (it’s of course not ideal or preferred mind you). I’ve detached myself from the outcome…kind of like how a child approaches something: they don’t typically think of the end result necessarily, but they enjoy the scenery and views along the way. And I am, too.

How about you? Are you experiencing too much ‘go, go, go’ and are in need of some ‘rest, rest, rest?’ I encourage you to schedule time into each and every day for some rest–it can come in different forms (I use dancing as one of my rest stops) and it will make such a huge difference in the perspective you gain.

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