A little food for thought…

In a recent conversation with a client, she was sharing how challenging it was to affect change in her team… and I reminded her that because she is affecting the change does not mean the change does not also affect her. That gave her pause and she shared that was a really good point.

I know that change can be hard… I have found that when making changes, I rely upon my accountability buddies to stay connected, stay grounded, and remind me why I am working on those changes in the first place. 😉

Something else I do regularly when initiating changes? Grounding (or earthing). I get outside and put my feet into the dirt… wiggle my toes around and back and forth in the dirt. This practice helps me reconnect to myself, to my personal power, to Mother Nature, and to God (or higher power, the Universe, the Divine… Creator…)

How do you handle change?

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