Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Challenge Your Limits.

Jason and I have been starting to ramp up our training efforts for the upcoming backpacking season and that means adding miles to our training hikes, adding weight where we can… and of course, getting out on actual hikes. 🙂

We recently decided to challenge ourselves and get out for a 9.5-mile hike, which was nearly double the mileage we’d been doing on our daily treks.

Are we crazy? In all fairness, yeah, probably. 😉 In all seriousness though, we know that we have another tough backpacking season ahead of us and that means training hard and challenging our limits!

The day after the hike, Jason was feeling pretty sore, so we took a full rest day… and you’ve heard me say it before – rest days are an important part of training… and sometimes, rest days can challenge those limits, too!

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