photo of the site owner in the desert holding arms up in a muscle poseCan I share a secret with you?🤫

I used to struggle with receiving accolades and praise. It made me EXTREMELY uncomfortable for attention to be on me and for nice things to be said about me. And I’m talking squeamish… I’d walk away to avoid hearing it uncomfortable. 😬

This morning, I shared my transparent and honest feelings about something that was very uncomfortable and out-of-character for the “old way of my being” to even fathom showing up in. I used to sit in silence and just figure “someone else would say what I was thinking” or “oh gosh, I probably didn’t hear something right or I misconstrued what really happened and I’m taking it out of context.”

Then, on a coaching call with my mentor, we unpacked this experience (they were there for my share) and she acknowledged me for being courageous to say something, and then for standing in and owning my power. Then, I took a turn at acknowledging myself and owning my power. And not apologizing or shrinking back on it. Simply owning it.

Wowza. Seriously powerful shit.🦖

On our trip to the Grand Canyon last month, we completed a short hike outside of Las Vegas and I saw this opportunity to take a fun “powerful pose” photo and this photo was what came to mind when I started typing this post. ❤

When is the last time you acknowledged yourself for being courageous? Or for standing up and in your own power?🦄

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