In thinking about business tactics that have been working really well for my clients, I would have to say is the power of delegation.

When I have a consultation with a potential new client, one of the areas I tend to find trepidation I find is to delegation. So much seems to be unknown about how a virtual assistant can support a business owner or entrepreneur. Delegation is one of the biggest tools in the entrepreneur’s toolbox and it is highly under-utilized. Delegation allows the entrepreneur to leverage their efforts by outsourcing the activities that do not bring them joy and allows them to spend more time and energy in their “zone of genius” and spending time in the income producing activities and to be creating new products, services and packages for their clients.

The first step in delegation is to make a list of all the things you do in business, then go through those items and figure out what only YOU can do…once you have identified those things, the rest can be outsourced to a virtual assistant or team.

Happy delegating!

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