Think About It Thursday: Having Faith And Being Present In The Moment.

I recently cultivated seeds from some lemons from lemons we received from my mother-in-law to plant and experiment with whether I can grow my own lemon tree.

It got me to thinking about having faith while being in the present moment… and what does that mean?

How do I know that planting these seeds in the soil, watering them, and getting some light will ultimately grow a plant? Ultimately, it’s faith.

It’s also about being present in the moment. What do I mean by that? It took time to pull the seeds out of various lemons… and then plant them into proper soil… and find a spot in our house with good lighting… and instead of getting all caught up in the minutia of ALL of the details, I chose to be present with step one: collect seeds from lemons.

Then a few days later, I chose to be present in the planting process. Something super satisfying about getting my hands into the soil and planting stuff.

Now, I wait.

And while I wait… guess what I’m practicing? Being present. I’m not obsessively running over to the pot checking to see if there’s growth… I have faith that the process works and that soon there will be little sprouts that will blossom into beautiful little trees.

For now, I am sitting in the being and having faith that the process is working. 🙂

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