Think About It Thursday: Bee Mindful. (Yes, The “Bee” Is Intentional)

So I like to drive with the windows down if I can and the temp is comfortable enough – and yesterday it was.

I had the music on while driving to pick up my husband and I may or may not have been rocking out to Thunderstruck by AC⚡DC.

I get to this curve in the road where I’m almost to the spot where I turn and I feel something crawling on my neck.

I take a pass at my neck with my hand like wtf and I get hold of SOMETHING. Something kinda big. Which of course freaks me out – and I sweep across my neck and fling it out the window… except it comes back in… of course it does.

And I see it’s a GIGANTIC bumble bee (pretty sure anyway) and it was up on the dash, near the windshield kinda wriggling around.

Flips (nay, falls) over on its back… I think ok it’s done…


It gets flipped back over on its feet and starts walking up the dash toward me. 😬 I’m pretty sure with gusto and attitude.

Now I’m in full panic mode. Because – oh did I forget to mention I’m allergic to bees and I’m unsure if this thing has a stinger and I know it’s pissed at me?

So it gets to the end of the dash coming toward me and falls off onto the steering column… putting me into an even bigger panic… because now I’m thinking it’s gonna drop off there and land on my crotch or something.

I’m delicately navigating this turn – keeping an eye on Mr. Bumble and doing my best to pull in like an Indy 500 car racer style and park across the spots in the lot…

I jump out of the truck, switch from sunglasses to regular glasses, and begin frantically looking all over for it.

It’s nowhere to be found.

Heart rate 110+. haha

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