Think About It Thursday: Beauty Is Where You Find It. ❤

More often than not, I hear myself on any given hike or backpacking trip saying, “wow, that’s beautiful.” Or, “Oh my goodness – that’s so pretty.” Or, “It’s so pretty in here.”

That last one is one of my favorites because I’m OUT in nature saying “It’s so pretty in here.” LOL

I think my deep admiration and love of all things nature stems from my childhood. I can remember feeding wild horses in the fields near my grandma’s house.

I remember on family fishing and camping trips being enamored with the mountains and granite around the alpine lakes we fished in.

We’ve hiked some rugged terrain in the desert…

We’ve hiked over martian or lunar-inspired landscapes in volcanic areas of the country…

We’ve hiked to amazing alpine lakes in the high country in the Sierras…

And in all of those places, I am always drawn to the beauty of all things and it has become a cornerstone of all of our adventures… beauty truly is where you find it.

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