What Does “Life-Changing” Mean?

I’m still unpacking it for myself…

If you have been following my posts of late, you have probably seen me describe our trip to Alaska as “life-changing.” I’ve received questions asking how my life has changed, so I’m here attempting to share some of what I know so far.

To see magnificent humpback whales breach the ocean (or bay) is genuinely awe-inspiring. It reminds me of my own size in the universe. (this photo was taken on a whale-watching trip out of Juneau).

To be hiking along in Denali National Park and happen upon a momma moose and her two calves is something of a miracle. It being our first experience “on the ground” with a moose, it was surreal to watch her and feel like ok, she was comfortable, we can continue on… to 2 seconds later saying, ‘nope, let’s back up… give her space.’ It was a reminder of how fleeting all things can be.

To watch the sunset at midnight and see Mt. Denali in that light is nothing short of witnessing God’s hand in nature. It was a reminder that I am surrounded by beautiful nature and that nature is also in me.

To see a momma beaver display some pretty interesting swimming tactics as a measure to protect her baby that was swimming nearby… is pretty incredible.

Hearing stories firsthand from Alaska’s Native people and it helped me to better understand the culture, history, and so much more about the challenges of life in Alaska.

I hear you from over here… “yeah, yeah, and how is any of that life-changing, Dortha?”

Well, I’ll tell you what I have noticed so far:

I am not rushing anything.

I am setting and holding boundaries like nobody’s business.

I am taking time to make time.

I am focusing on the BEing part of being a human being.

I am breathing through things. (read that to mean my shoulders are not doubling as earrings [aka stress/ tension]… lol)

I am in awe of so much about myself that I never acknowledged or understood about myself… and this is an interesting one.

There’s more to come as I continue to navigate and journal my experiences. <3 Thanks for being on this journey with me.

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