Think About It Thursday: Lead With Kindness… Because… Bear Poop.


On a recent trek at the lake, we saw 2 small piles of what we believe was bear poop. One pile next to horse poop, and another a little further down the trail by itself.

Thanks to a pretty simple digestive system, bears poop pretty often when they are full, when they exert themselves (like moving up or down a trail, for example) or when they are stressed.

We examined it closely to confirm it was in fact from a bear because it was a lot smaller than a “normal” pile would be.

The tell-tale sign for us to believe it is from a bear was the remnants of berries in it.

We were thinking about the Mosquito Fire and the area that it burned has displaced not only humans in the area, and also animals.

Seeing this small amount of poop from a bear made our hearts hurt – what the sign was telling us was that there wasn’t enough food around for it to sustain itself. 🙁

That really called home the idea of “we have no idea what others are going through… so lead with kindness” for me.

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