On Fridays, we’re on the Healing Lessons Trail…

I had a conversation with a dear friend recently and we opened with casual pleasantries, including me asking how they were doing.

They responded – well I’m not going to give you the standard no-one-gives-a-shit answer of “everything’s fine” if that’s what you were hoping for.

I paused for a moment and shared that I’m never interested in that type of answer… when I ask how someone is doing, I’m genuinely interested to know how they are doing… I told them that I’m interested in the “fluffy” answers as well as the “not-so-fluffy” answers.

They shared what was going in their world and that they were feeling shaken. And then they shared something that I have been thinking about since our conversation… “instead of asking how someone is doing, ask how their soul is. Or ask how their spirit is doing.” And I thought that was deeply profound.

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