Wednesday Wisdom: Show Up And Be The Expert I Am.

Last fall, in a conversation with my friend Carolina Billings, who is the founder of Powerful Women Today, on the topic of mindfulness and how I utilize the time I spend in nature as a way to connect with myself, my husband, and others who are with us and to connect with nature.

As we chatted more in-depth, our conversation turned to the work of Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh… in particular, his “How To” series of books.

On the back of “How to Connect,” I was immediately drawn to what it said here:

“With our world experiencing an epidemic of loneliness, digital overload, and alienation from nature, this eighth pocket-sized How to book reminds us of our crucial need to connect to ourselves, each other, and our planet.”

Over the past few years of pandemic life, I have heard from countless others that they are feeling lonely, isolated, cut off, and spend many an evening in a “doom scroll” on various social media platforms.

Which, of course, made my heart sad.

Carolina and I explored what would an Empowerment Circle around this topic look like? And we came up with Mindfully Empowered… we’ll be exploring the works of Thich Nhat Hanh, and how to bring in mindfulness practices, connecting with ourselves, and with others… and of course, connecting with nature.

This Mindfully Empowered Empowerment Circle – powered by Powerful Women Today – gathers monthly and if you’re feeling any of the things I shared above, I invite you to join the discussion with me.

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