Be Real. Be Open. Be Honest.

I have started this post, deleted it, started over… deleted again, and here I am again.

Someone recently shared with me that I had so many layers they didn’t realize I had.

And that got me thinking of all the things I’ve been, and the layers I’ve pulled back that are no longer me and who and what I am now is nowhere even in the same field of where I had envisioned my life “when I was a kid” or hell, even 5 years ago.

Regrets: zero.

Failures: loads… and I always seek the lesson in them.

Blessings: countless… and I am always grateful for them.

The thing is that I’m constantly and ever-evolving and growing.

I have tried things that didn’t lead where I expected and allowed myself to enjoy the journey.

I have endured struggles and trauma and allowed them to soften my heart.

I have always maintained a soft heart, and a “realistic optimist” outlook and allowed myself to see the best in others.

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