Your Friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip: Be Of Support, Be Helpful.

Many of the trails all around Northern California are getting buried in snow. Including long stretches of the Pacific Crest Trail.

I keep a finger on the pulse of activities on the trail in a group here on Facebook as well as hiker updates on an app we use called FarOut.

A friend had shared that her neighbor’s son was going to be through-hiking the PCT this year and my expression must have been one of alarm because she immediately “what’s wrong?” And I immediately went into safety officer mode – haha. I shared that I had been seeing a variety of updates about snow and concerns for high-level creek and river crossings…

We had an exchange back and forth and she later asked if I could share some resources she could share with her neighbor… oh absolutely! I shared the FB group and a variety of links about conditions on the trail.

My whole point in sharing this with you is to be helpful and supportive of others… in particular, when you have a particular knack for something – share it with newbies or others who are less experienced than you.

Do whatever you can, for whomever you can, however you can, while you can.


(Safety Officer Rexie Hise) << if you missed the post on this some time back, I’ll have to reprise it and share the link here

What adventures would you create with the time I would free up for you?

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