Happy Friday~~ This Week, I Have Been Intentional About Everything.

I’ve taken time to slow down.
I’ve taken time to listen to my body.
I’ve taken time to rest.
I’ve taken time to workout when my body wants to do so.
I’ve taken time to be.
I’ve taken time to food prep when I felt up for doing it.

In the past, I can say I would have beaten myself up over my current circumstances of being sick and not being able to workout and do what I want to do at my pace. And you know what? That doesn’t serve me at all. Slowing down, praying up, meditating, and being ok with where I am right now trusting that I’m in the perfect place that I’m intended to be.

This week, in addition to resting a lot more than I normally do, I have worked half days, taking naps, and I’m still maintaining productivity and meeting goals.

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