If you’re constantly sending things out, posting on your social channels, regularly posting on your blog, etc., maybe you’ve had the feeling like I have, like, “What is the point?”

And then you get that ONE message that shifts the tide… and reminds you: here’s the point.
This happened to me just recently… I sent an email to my list, and someone wrote back to tell me how much they needed that message at that moment in their life.

THAT is why I do this – to reach that ONE person at the right moment when it is most needed for THEM.

When I wrote and published my first book in 2014, my hope was it would give someone hope, touch, support, or otherwise help ONE person…

Now that I’m working on my second solo book project, my hope is it will motivate, change someone’s thinking about the topic, or otherwise help ONE person… and I’m inspired to believe that it will.

To all of this, my point is to be here for all of it… be here when you feel like there are crickets receiving your content and be here for the moments where you are the silver lining in someone’s day.

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