Think About It Thursday: Be All In On That.

Earlier today, while switching laundry from the washer to the dryer, I was thinking about the gigantic storm making its way into California.

This got me thinking about allllll of the snow in the higher elevations… and the concerns I’ve been reading about that the rain-on-snow events may likely cause significant flooding, etc.

That got me thinking about hibernating bears. They ought to be coming out of hibernation around mid-March and it’s an interesting thing to think about… they went into hibernation with maybe a light dusting of snow and they are coming out of hibernation with dozens of feet of snow and then rain on top of that. I have to imagine that would NOT be a fun way to be awakened.

Yeah, I know you probably didn’t see that coming, did you?

So, I’m wondering how something like this type of storm system affects the wildlife in their habitats – such as hibernating bears?

Anyway, welcome to my weird thought process… I own it. LOL, I’m all in on that.

How about you?

What adventures would you create with the time I would free up for you?

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