Have you ever realized you were sabotaging yourself by a particular behaviour and not actually realizing it until someone offered to be of support or help out in some way that made it REALLY obvious?

Yeah, that happened to me just recently.

I realized that by NOT asking for support, I was blocking myself from making strides in progress.

You see, someone reached out to me in a community that I belong to and asked if I was ok, and I first responded by thanking them and sharing that I was processing some trauma that I experienced a few weeks ago and they offered to listen to what happened.

And something unexpected happened… unlike with other people I have shared this story with, I shared ALL of the details. I discovered that I had been HOLDING BACK the critical, dark, awful shit that happened because I was worried about how it would affect other people.

Aye. I know. I know.

The first step toward growth is acknowledging that was I was doing wasn’t working.

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