ascending the mountain card graphicDon’t you love when God (the Universe/ the Divine/ Creator) sends you little messages? This card fell out of the deck I was using on my Encouragement Circle call this morning, so I put it aside and read about it after.

A little back story: we planned to hike the Three Sisters in the Tahoe area (3 peaks, all over 10,000 feet) for training. I was a little nervous. Three peaks. 10,000 feet. Other considerations. Anyway, here’s the line that stuck out to me:

“Do not allow yourself to be limited by the beliefs of others or even by your own limiting beliefs or fears. Go beyond barriers of self-imposed barriers.”


Ok. Yeah. And it closes with:

“Go forward gallantly with your banner of truth waving in the wind. You are a light bearer for others.”

(the deck is called Sacred Traveler Oracle Cards by Denise Linn)

I’m listening and receiving this message loud and clear! 🦖

I encourage you to go beyond any self-imposed barriers or listening to limiting beliefs.

Are you with me?💃🏽

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