Your friendly Hise Hikers Tuesday Tip… Always have a goal.

One of our friends we hike and backpack with regularly, shared recently that they are “working for their weekends” and I can’t tell you how much that resonated with me. Why?

Because while we are always training toward a backpacking trip or some other trip off in the distance… this style of working for the weekend puts into focus “what’s the goal for the next weekend?” Some weekends, it might be closing a small gap on the PCT… other weekends it’s bagging a peak.

Then, on any given day of the week when we are busy or have our heads down on projects, when we are training together, we’re like, oh yeah, I’m excited about the XYZ hike this weekend.

We set those goals as an overarching “tone” of the hiking season and then, as weather permits or schedules allow or the cosmos are properly aligned, and we are able to plan something – we do. And then we have that particular hike to look forward to during the week. Fun, right?

That said, this weekend will include a mix of both closing the rest of that small gap on the PCT and then also attempting to bag a peak! Whoot!

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