I have often called grief an unwelcome house guest – it shows up when it likes (almost always unannounced) and stays as long as it likes…

Sometimes in the grieving process, there are tears. Sometimes there is laughter. Sometimes there is anger or disappointment. And there are other feelings too.

The keyword in the statements above is ‘process.’ A lot of times during my grief journey, I’ve felt like “I ought to be feeling different” or “how come this is STILL coming up?”

Until I got curious about it and leaned in…embraced the ‘unwelcome house guest’ as I call my grief. I pick up my journal when my brain can’t get around something and I just write.

I have learned over the past 7 years to embrace my journey… encapsulate every feeling that comes up as part of my grief because it’s a process and as I evolve and grow as a human, my grief evolves and grows as well – always a part of myself.

If you’re grieving, I encourage you to lean into your grief and whatever feelings come up… get curious… ask questions… journal… and let the tears or laughter come. It isn’t comfortable, and as we know, growth happens outside of our comfort zone.

How are you embracing your grief and letting it do what it needs to do?

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