I was recently chatting about the idea of finding adventure in every day… and this is a philosophy I share with my clients, my friends, and family… and it truly is one of my guiding principles.

Here’s a little bit of how adventure looked for us this weekend:

This past weekend, we explored a new area called Buckeye Creek – it’s on the backside of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

There were so many spectacular sights – from magnificent mountains to breathtaking wildflowers, from mysterious moraines to incredible alpine lakes.

We hiked up a canyon and through some of the most majestic meadows… picturesque doesn’t even begin to cover it!

We visited a ghost town that Jason has family ties to (we’ve visited before and it’s so cool!).

We spent a little bit of time at Mono Lake and took in the magnificent wonder that is a saltine soda lake… and it’s that way because it doesn’t have an outlet – that causes high levels of salts to accumulate in the water.

In addition to learning cool things about the area, we also learned about and identified some tree and flower species that we didn’t know before… always fun!

We couldn’t have asked for a more photogenic day with bright blue skies and clouds that danced around in different formations… absolutely stunning!

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