ID-10078094One of my favorite things about participating in the Chi-To-Be! programs (reading the book, coaching with Stacey, and more) is the concept of utilizing accountability partners. Over the course of the past year being involved with Chi To Be!, I have had several accountability partners…and I have to say that the current group I’ve been working with are truly sisters of my heart! A very big thank you to Stacey HallKaira Shelton Boston and Paola Angelica Seminario as well as various members of the Chi To Be Coaching Club group for being there for me when I received some unsettling news. You have all supported me in a variety of ways: listening, offering prayers, offering support by leaning into the Energy Surges in the book, Chi To Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All (grab your copy here:

So while this week’s “book share” isn’t quoted directly from the book, it is a concept that we all embrace and practice: leaning into our accountability partners when we need support. I’ve found that asking for help can sometimes be a challenge, but with the right people around me, it has become easier to ask and to be open to receiving the support needed.  I realize as I’m sharing this reflection, it does also tap into Energy Surge #6: “The Power of Love” and more specifically, the Appreciation Perspective Experience (“going A.P.E.”) and expressing appreciation for what I have already attracted into my life which is ultimately propelling me with velocity and ease toward my B-All.

Who’s in your accountability network?

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