Wednesday Wisdom: Lessons From Youth


I’ve had a goal of wanting to make sourdough bread for a loooong time.

I have fond memories of my mom making bread and cinnamon rolls when I was a kid.

I also remember my great grandma baking rolls and other bread-like things when I was a kid.

I have always been pretty nervous about baking bread that involved yeast and kneading. No clue why. Just something I built up in my head as a whole lot more difficult than it actually was.

About a month ago, we were together with Jason’s family and his middle brother has been baking bread forever.

I asked if I could help make one of the batches, to which he said of course!

I asked a million questions.

I paid very close attention to every detail.

I shared that I hadn’t been able to successfully get my own sourdough starter going, and he offered that I could have some of his… um YES PLEASE and THANK YOU! heeheheh

Before we left that weekend, I took him up on taking some of his starter home with us… and over the past month, I have made probably 10-12 loaves of sourdough…

I’ve been tinkering with making our starter a bit sourer and playing with different elements and I think it’s one of those fun and amazing things that when I’m doing it, it’s like I’m reconnecting with my own childhood, and I’m also reconnecting with the memory of my mom and my great grandma. <3

The full loaf below is from today’s freshly baked loaf and the sliced piece is just to show the texture and depth of yummy.

What’s a long-time goal you’ve been working on or have you recently achieved?


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