10 Powerful Women book imageI am so excited to share the release of my third compilation book, 10 Powerful Women: 10 Strategic Insights into Building Business! This project started in 2012 and as quickly as I came on board to participate in the project, all the co-authors were writing their respective chapters and the next thing I know, publication time is upon us!

My chapter is called “The Power of a Rock Star Website.” I share strategic tips and 7 key elements to a rock-star website.

Here’s a preview of what you can find in the book:

Chapter 1: Think Beyond the Stars, Dream Big and Unleash Your Potential by Anita Smithson

Chapter 2: Define Your Passion and Purpose, then Build Your Business by Selwa Hamati

Chapter 3: Organizational Setup: Preparing for Success from the Beginning by Sherry Griffin

Chapter 4: Designing & Developing Your Business–The Power of a Rock Star Website by Dortha Hise

Chapter 5: Event Planning: Bringing People Together to Drive New Business Opportunities by Tamara Williams

Chapter 6: Social She|flence “Tap into the World’s Powerful She-Conomy” by Deidre Trudeau

Chapter 7: Relationship Building and Manifesting Success by Gwen Boudreau

Chapter 8: The Right “Spirit” for Success by Victoria Lazarova

Chapter 9: The Energy of Money by Cindy Fuzie

Chapter 10: Seize the Day: Making the Most of Your Opportunities by Heidi Sloss

Chapter 11 (BONUS): 10 Powerful Tips from 10 Powerful Women

Get your autographed copy here: http://dorthahise.com/tenpowerfulwomen

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