What Our Clients are Saying


“I’m so thankful for Dortha and her amazingly talented team! She’s rescued me from overwhelm multiple times as we’ve built sales pages and navigated crazy-making technology. To say she’s saved me countless hours of frustration is an understatement—she’s saved me weeks and months of spinning in circles as we implemented new programs and trainings. Did I mention that she’s also incredibly kind? My only regret is that I didn’t meet her sooner!”

– Tanja Pajevic
Book Coach


“I am SO incredibly grateful to Dortha (and her awesome team) for all of their help in the last year! I had never hired a VA before and had no idea what I was doing. She guided me gracefully through my own awkwardness and made me feel like a rockstar CEO in all my interactions with her, which made the whole process fun and easy.

In the last year, with Dortha’s support, I produced my first ever month-long speaker series, sold my first information product, created a video series opt-in, and ran my first social media challenge. She handled all the backend stuff, patiently answered my endless questions, and wasn’t afraid to give me gentle nudges when I was running behind. She’s a lifesaver!”

– Sandra Possing


“I highly recommend Dortha Hise and Pretty Smart Virtual Services for virtual assistant support, including web design. I had never create a website before and had no idea where to start. Dortha took my vision to create a beautiful website for my business.

Dortha held my hand and guided me through the entire process. She went beyond the call of duty many times. She provided wonderful suggestions and I took them and ran with them. I couldn’t be happier.

If you need a website or other virtual assistant support, you want Dortha & her Pretty Smart Virtual Services team. Very reasonable rates. She knows her stuff.”

– Dawn Schaupert


“Dortha Hise and her team have brought a whole new level of organization to my business. Since bringing Dortha onboard as my virtual assistant, my business has more than doubled, as I truly am able to focus on my key revenue generators and spaces that really allow me to leverage my highest and best value. Her ability to take concepts and bring them down into tangible, bite size action items has been tremendously impactful to managing the ins-and-outs of my daily needs. Dortha and her team are extremely proactive, take great care in the work their execute, and always are looking at the bigger picture, connecting pieces together and offering ways to be even more effective and efficient. I feel truly blessed to have such a rockstar than supporting the growth of my business.If you are looking to level up your game, I highly recommend Dortha and her team!”

– Candy Barone




Customer focused. Passionate about her purpose. Committed to getting results. Those are a few truths about Dortha Hise and Pretty Smart Virtual Services. Dortha is a master at her craft because she genuinely cares about the clients she serves and provides top-notch quality support services. There’s absolutely no better resource for overwhelmed business owners than Dortha and her team. If your to-do-list is getting out of control and you don’t have enough time to focus on the things you love, I suggest you immediately hire Dortha to easily lift you out of overwhelm so you can get back to doing what excites you and passionately produce profit. Dortha is my number one referral source for Virtual Assistance services, hire her today you will be thrilled that you did.”

— Catrice M. Jackson
Speaker, The BOSSLady of Branding and International Best-Selling Author



“Before I hired Dortha, I was worried that managing a VA would be more time and hassle than it was worth. I’m an entrepreneur with a full life and am a big fan of doing things myself. I wasn’t sure I could find the expertise, reliability and professionalism I needed to be able to let go of certain tasks. OMG! I could not have completed a telesummit without Dortha’s assistance. Dortha took care of all the backend technology that would have eaten hours of my time. She made calls to tech support when things got tricky, programmed all the promotion and the video access and gave me sound opinions and advice from her rich experience with other tele summits. She’s lovely to work with, is responsive and fun. Hiring Dortha is one of the best business decisions I’ve made. I recommend Dortha 100% and will continue to work with her and her team going forward.”

– Dr. Christina Boyd-Smith, CPCC

The Corporate Rebel Coach




“I couldn’t accomplish nearly what I am able to accomplish if it were not for Pretty Smart Virtual Services and Dortha Hise. Her service is easy to use and my customers and team members don’t realize that I am getting help with these tasks! I am able to concentrate on top priority money earning activities and leave administrative tasks for my VA to handle — and I know for certain they will be handled. LOVE it!”

– Lisa Wilber
Avon National Senior Executive Unit Leader




“People always ask me how I was able to grow my business so fast. I tell them that it was only possible because I have such a great team. Dortha Hise is one of those amazing people who has helped me get so much done. It is wonderful to be able to work with someone who is as committed to my success as I am. Thanks, Dortha!” 


Michele Scism
Decisive Minds




 “I have been working with Dortha for over four years, and in that time have found her services to be invaluable in helping me set up and maintain an outreach program for speaking; making website changes, and helping with blog posts and providing other back office support. She is always willing to work through issues, and has a commitment to providing great service. It brings me great peace of mind knowing I have her on team – she is responsive and responsible!”

–Vicki Suiter
Suiter Business Builders



“Before I met Dortha, I worked with many other virtual assistants. Either they didn’t get me, or they were driving me to a heart attack. I can’t tell you how many times (I think EVERY time) the work that they promised to have done by a certain time would be LATE, thus affecting my income (and my stress levels!). And I can’t tell you how many of my emails went unanswered, leaving me with no idea as to whether they had time to do the work I was asking for, or if it was getting done. Since working with Dortha, everything has been on time and every request answered. She is honest and open about what she can and cannot do. And if she cannot get to something, she always has someone else on board who can. She is also a lovely human and I enjoy our interactions. I really had no idea that running this business could be so easy, smooth and enjoyable! Thank you, Dortha- I am truly grateful!”


–Miranda Mathewson
Fitness Coach for Entrepreneurs


“Dortha Hise is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable businesswoman. She is attentive to the needs of her clients and she put forth great effort in finding solutions to any challenges that arose while developing my website. She kept me informed of her next steps and assured me of great results. I’m a new business owner, and it is important for me to get the outcome I need to grow my business. I trust Dortha’s expertise and her reputation as a service provider is awesome. I will definitely seek her for future services.
Thank you, Dortha Hise!”

–Renee Dabney


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