Who We Work With

Heart and hands

Still wondering exactly how we’ll rescue you out of overwhelm so you can do more of what you love? Here’s a little peek at the to-dos we manage each week for one of our long-time clients:

  • We oversee her entire presence on social media, crafting and scheduling posts throughout the week = 3 hours 
  • We create and distribute promotional materials for her upcoming interviews and presentations = 2 hours
  • We write, publish and promote her weekly blog = 2 hours
  • We keep her website updated and running smoothly = 1 hour
  • We handle all of her outreach (booking her for events, doing follow up with interviewers, etc ) = 3 hours
  • We organize and maintain her calendar = 1 hour
  • We check her inbox and voicemail and respond to inquiries accordingly = 3 hours

Total hours per week = 15.

That’s nearly 2 whole work days (or 1 long work day) of time freed up that she now can concentrate more on doing what she loves, which she will tell you is presenting, networking, and walking her dog!

At Pretty Smart Virtual Services, we LOVE our clients and we LOVE what we do for our clients. As the Chief Overwhelm Eliminator, I felt it was also important to let prospective clients know the type of client for which we provide support.

Results our clients experience after working together:

“You helped me clear up that technical nightmare!”

“I can regularly schedule my newsletter now!”

“I know that you have my tasks covered and reminders set, I sleep better at night with less to worry about.”

“I have no idea how you did it – but thank you!”

“You are a lifesaver!”

“As always, perfect!”

“Thank you so much! You deserve accolades.”

“You know me so well – thank you!” 

“Thanks, I love the ideas. Thanks for keeping me moving forward.”

“I am so glad you are on my team.”

We rescue our clients out of overwhelm
so they can kiss their to-do list goodbye!

Kiss Your To-Do List Goodbye

We work with a wide variety of clients, from nurses and holistic practioners to personal trainers and yogis to coaches, speakers and authors and here are the characteristics of the clients we’ve LOVED working with:

  • strong moral compass 
  • heart-centered
  • compassionate
  • starts with love
  • gentle with themselves and others
  • know what they want / don’t want
  • typically an animal lover
  • a person of faith
  • know their value
  • respect my value
  • easy to work with
  • take suggested advice / insight / feedback
  • constantly learning
  • constantly evolving
  • open to what life offers
  • respects my gifts and abilities
  • offers praise for tasks
  • when in overwhelm, they know to ask for help
  • realize that I am human and make mistakes periodically
  • are forgiving
  • do pay in a timely manner
  • recognize our worth
  • have a high level of integrity
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