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website_3D Mock UpYou can Rise Out of the Ashes and Reignite YOUR Joy!

Have you experienced a loss of a loved one, a beloved pet, a business partner or big client or job?

Are you feeling like the loss has affected you at your core and feels like your life will never go back to “normal?”

I wrote Rising Above the Ashes: Reigniting Your Joy After Any Loss to support you along your grief journey to find and reignite your joy! The stories shared on the pages of Rising Out of the Ashes came from my own experience of losing twenty-eight people over the course of two years and I got a clear sign that my experience might be able to help others cope with their own loss and grieving. I share stories from my journey of deep heartbreak and loss and provide tips for you to go from broken-hearted to reignited joy for life and continued support to move forward.

When my Mom died unexpectedly, I wish someone would have told me about all of the swings in my emotions – literally from laughing one minute to bawling shortly thereafter. I wish that someone would have hugged me and said: “it’s not going to be easy, if you’re willing to do the work to heal, there will be joy after all of this overwhelm and chaos.”

If you’re ready to get out of the overwhelm you may be experiencing and begin the journey to healing your broken heart, this book is for you. Order your autographed copy now!


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~What others are saying about Rising Above the Ashes: Reigniting Your Joy After Any Loss~

Kaira_Headshot“Dortha has taken the emotionally charged topic of loss and made an objective resource that can be used no matter the type of loss you may be experiencing.  Dortha’s ability to combine all types of loss is appreciated because oftentimes the attention, sympathy, and empathy is only provided to those who have lost a loved one not a four-legged friend or business relationship. Not only does this address the emotions of a loss experience but this also can be considered a resource guide as you work to get the tactical items taken care of. I appreciate Dortha’s ability to take what many would consider a devastating time, based on the number of losses she has encountered, and turn it into a helpful supportive companion in a time of grief. While reading it felt like she was right there coaching me right through the experience.”

Kaira S. Boston
The Small Business Whisperer


Catrice“Grief is a natural part of life no doubt. We all have a choice. When grief walks in, we can choose to invite it to stay in our hearts forever or let it visit for a while and then command it to leave so we can re-discover our joy! Loss is real and it’s painful, but we are stronger than we can imagine. There is a powerful phoenix that lives within our spirit that can mount up and rise above the ashes of loss and grief. We, you and I have that power, and Rising Above the Ashes, reminds us just how powerful we are. Dortha Hise has bravely poured her heart and soul into this book and embodies the phoenix as a shining example of the power in choosing joy over grief. Rising Above the Ashes, will evoke a tear, validate your loss, affirm your power and, unleash your phoenix within and inspire you to reignite your joy! If you are struggling through grief and loss, this brilliant book is the light you need to navigate your way out of the darkness into the light of living a joyful life again.”

Catrice M. Jackson
Speaker, BOSSLady of Branding, International Best-Selling Author



staceybest“If you’re grieving the loss of a loved one, the breakup of a business relationship or any other loss, I highly recommend Rising Above the Ashes. It has provided me with many nuggets of wisdom and comfort and Dortha’s personal journey through a myriad of grief over a 2-year period has inspired me and helped me greatly in dealing with the losses in my own life. The vast variety of resources she provides are very effective in re-igniting joy and hope. This is a truly remarkable book!”

Stacey Hall
Author – ‘Chi-To-Be! Achieving Your Ultimate B-All‘, Founder – The Hall Institute of Intuitive Wellness









“I have been on a journey with the author for a few years. Her perspective has always amazed me throughout her journey. Dortha’s unique perspective on loss and grief provides a cathartic experience as well as a magnificent resource in the book that you hold in your hand. Dortha’s sympathy, empathy, and compassion shines through on every page. When you’re experiencing grief or loss, this book is your go-to resource to support you to deal with your grief, helping you move forward and get reconnected so you can reignite your joy!”

Casey Eberhart

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