Rising Above the Ashes - front and back cover

Rising Above the Ashes – front and back cover

Greetings blog readers!

I’ve missed you! You may be wondering where I’ve been for a couple of months? I was finishing up my book project – and it’s now completed and the book release date is December 16th! I’m so very excited and I wanted to re-engage my blog and readers and share the excitement of the journey with you and also let you know I’m getting back in the blogging saddle! 🙂

The journey of the book has been an emotional, fun-filled experience. In September, I was invited to join a 10-week program with my friend Catrice Jackson (it’s called Brand You with a Book) and it was a truly amazing experience to participate in. I knew that to complete my book in 10 weeks might be a stretch, gauging the emotional topics that I knew I would cover as well as managing my full client load in my virtual assistant business. I also knew that Catrice would be the one to help me achieve completion of this book. We started our journey and each of us in the program began writing and we all finished at vairous times, roughly around 10 weeks (ok, and I was last! LOL). After completion, I sent the manuscript to the publisher for the editor’s review. I got suggested revisions and edits back from the editor, made those edits and sent them back. A final round of editing led to the files being uploaded to the self-publishing platform I’m using. I received the proof copy of the book this week and now it’s ready to be produced and sent out!

Here’s a pic of me with the proof copy of the book, which I’ve now reviewed and have sent back a few final edits and we’ll be ready for distribution next week! I’m so excited!


If you’d like to order a copy, they are available at www.RisingAboveTheAshes.com. The book will also be available on Amazon and the other various online outlets. Join the Rising Above the Ashes community on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/reigniteyourjoy. We talk about various aspects of grief and the many ways to find and reignite joy in our lives – despite the loss.

I’ve also decided to kick off the book launch with a Blogging World Tour – I’m working on all of the details…basically I will be sharing grief-related posts with various bloggers and their audience, to help expand my message. If you run a blog and feel your readers would benefit from a post that’s related to grief, please complete this form and I’ll be in touch with you to coordinate the date and scheduling of guest blogging for your site. Thank you in advance!

I look forward to connecting with you here on the blog, in the Facebook group or by autographing a copy of the book to you and sending it out next week.

Sending much love and joy to you~~~


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