My name is Lindsay and I’ve been on Dortha Hise’s virtual assistant team for close to a year now. Guess what? I love what I do, and here are 3 big reasons why:

1. It works my brain. For example, my to-do list may entail researching, writing and posting content to a client’s social media outlets. Then create an event invitation for another client’s upcoming workshop. Or I might spend an hour developing a newsletter or writing web copy for a client. So you see, being a virtual assistant requires creativity, attention to detail, accountability, efficiency (read: tight deadlines, and the ability to cram a lot of work into a short amount of allocated billing time) and professionalism.

Additionally, whether’s it’s mastering a new technology or software program to support a client, or coming up with new ideas for gaining client exposure, I feel like I’m learning and growing every day!

2. It’s something to be proud of. I feel a sense of strong responsibility, as I have clients counting on me to help make them look good, and I have to admit, I’m darn tickled when a client responds back with “you know me so well!” or “perfect, thank you!” Then there’s the fact that I am so honored and fortunate to work for such an amazing boss/CEO. I respect and admire her greatly, and want to do my very best to uphold the integrity of her business. She has the critical job of bringing in the clients, and I believe that my duty is to help keep them (and not only keep them, but get them to love us so much they’ll spread the word to other potential clients!)

3. I’m part of a team, yet able to work independently from the comfort of my own home. You may raise those brows if I were to use the words “social” and “work from home” in the same sentence, especially when I tell you much of my contact with my teammates and the clients we serve is through email, but I really do feel a genuine social connection with those I work with and for.

Sidebar: I must also mention I *cherish* the flexibility that my position offers. I do the majority of my work late into the evening, after my young children have gone to bed. I’ll admit I’m a tad sleep deprived, but I love, love love that I can be with my kids during the day, yet still earn an income, build my portfolio and learn new things at the same time.

I could go on and on with all the wonderful reasons I love being a VA but a blog only has so much space my friends, so I’ll wrap it up. If you do have the opportunity to join a VA team I highly recommend it, and if you are a business owner/entrepreneur who would love a little help getting organized, tackling administrative duties, and building your customer base with the help of a killer communications/marketing plan, please look us up!

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