I remember saying quite cheekily in college that I would never, not ever, leave California.  That was fifteen years ago – before moving to Colorado, New York, Connecticut and now Rhode Island.

I began working for Dortha shortly after landing in Rhode Island this past summer.  My dear friend who I meet in California before moving to Colorado, Alison Jones-Lockwood let me know about her amazing and flexible employer.  Ali and I had worked together in San Diego at a Rape Crisis/Domestic Violence non-profit, where we both helped empower women to take charge of their lives and bodies.

I had been a stay at home mom for the past 6 years taking care of my kiddos while trapezing across the county.  The first act began with me attending grad school in Colorado for Counseling Psychology, culminating with my husband’s untraditional journey to and through medical school and residency.

Meeting Dortha and joining her team couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me and my family.  My “normal” work hours are when Brigitta, my youngest, is at pre-school 3 half days a week and then after I get my son off to bed.  Some of the things that I do for the team are conducting online research, managing data entry in programs like InfusionSoft and Word Press, and keeping track of marketing campaigns for some of Dortha’s diverse and successful female clients.  I also often act as a liaison for clients with other businesses in their respective fields.  I am proud to be helping these women-owned business leaders thrive and grow.

The most rewarding and creative part of my job is copywriting.  I feel that my goal is to communicate my clients’ central message while maintaining their personality. Just like saying I’d never leave California, I never would have expected to be a virtual assistant.  I am forever grateful for another one of life’s turns in the road and my journey to being able to help women in a drastically different, but equally meaningful way.  I am thrilled to again be able to help empower and highlight many talented women.  Thanks for the opportunity Dortha!

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