broken_heartRemember when you first conceived of the idea for your business, then put things in motion to launch it? Remember how strongly you believed that you could make a difference – for a small group of people (your niche) or even for the world at large – and set out to make that happen? Remember the joy and passion that you felt when you talked about the purpose, the “BIG WHY” of your new venture and the sparkle in your eye and bounce in your step that marked your anticipation and enthusiasm about it?

I like to compare this to the beginning of a love affair – that time in a relationship when you can’t wait to see your lover and your heart rate quickens when you hear his (or her) voice and lock hands and gaze into each other’s eyes.

What is the state of your love affair with your business now?

Does your heart rate still quicken when you think about your business, but as a result of anxiety instead of anticipation? Has your excitement about your work given way to a sense of harried tedium or even dread? In short, has your love affair fizzled? Has it gone sour?

Productivity = “knowing what matters and getting it done.” – Monique Y. Wells

If so, it may be because you’ve lost your connection to your “BIG WHY” and your daily activities feel devoid of a deeper purpose. This is especially possible if your primary focus is now revenue generation – the race to get to the “magic” $100K mark and beyond or to maintain this income level. You may be driven by the pride that you’ll feel when you achieve this milestone, the desire to “perform” as well as colleagues who have already reached this threshold, or the fear of “slipping back” once you’ve gotten there. Your “BIG WHY” has been lost or buried as you push yourself and your business to reach this goal.

In other words, in your quest to “get things done” to arrive at your monetary goal, you have turned your focus away from “what matters” in your business – the deep, compelling motivational force that ignited your love affair in the first place! Consequently, your work is now anxiety-ridden and encroaches more and more on your personal time, which you are not enjoying anyway because of all of your anxieties about work.

So how can you rekindle the joy and passion that you felt at the beginning of this relationship that you have forged with your business? By taking time out to:

  1. Reconnect with your “BIG WHY” – your business purpose.
  2. Take a hard look at all the projects that you are working on in your business.
  3. Pull out of the ones that are not aligned with your purpose.
  4. Devote some of the time that you liberate to enjoying more personal time (self-care, time with family and friends, community activities, etc.).
  5. Create and implement a plan to work smarter on the projects that truly serve your business purpose.

If your love affair with your business has gone sour, this may be the most important thing that you do this year. Make “More Joy, More Passion, and More Profits!” your business motto! For information on how you can do this, contact Monique at

Monique_WellsDr. Monique Y. Wells is the “Paris Muse of Productivity™.” She was born and raised in the United States, and now lives and works in Paris, France. Her mission is to help you – the dedicated, high-achieving solopreneur or small business owner – “get over overwhelm” in your business so that you can enjoy less stress, more income, greater job satisfaction, and better life balance! Visit Monique’s website to learn more:

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