Katrina's HeadshotHere are eight Areas of Your Life and Business to Consider When Setting Your Goals Each Year:

#1. HEALTH:  Set goals based on how you want to feel, what level of energy you want to have, what kind of regular physical activity you are prepared to do, what kind of eating habits you are prepared to lose or gain.

#2.  WEALTH:  Set goals based on what you plan to make, invest, give, donate, save, use for vacation and how you plan to be open to wealth building opportunities.

#3.  RELATIONSHIP:  Set goals based on what you want your relationship with yourself to look like, your integrity, honesty, love for self, etc. How you plan to communicate your needs and desires with others plus your relationships with significant people in your life and what else you want to experience with them.

#4.  BUSINESS/CAREER:  Set goals based on what you plan to accomplish like new product/service launches, building a bigger team, being more efficient with systems and technology, implementing additional business-building or marketing strategies, etc.

#5.  SPIRITUAL:  Set goals based on habits and involvement regarding meditation, intuition, connection to the higher power that you believe in.

#6.  CHARITY:  Set goals based on how much you would like to give, rules for your giving, time you may give and to whom will you give.

#7.  EXPERIENCES:  Set goals based on what else you want to experience such as do you really have an urge to travel to a particular place, be interviewed on television, have your own radio show, write a book or start speaking?

#8.  LEGACY:  Set goals based on what you want to leave as your legacy, what can you do now to help you move you towards that bigger goal.

Now go re-evaluate what your goals were and expand them, enhance them, add to them and see how far you can stretch yourself!

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. Katrina is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing Follow Up™ System and author of Love Yourself Successful of which she holds a live event on every year. She works with motivated entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and market your business the right way from the start. Katrina helps you move faster and more affordably towards your ultimate revenue and professional goals using online and offline marketing strategies, plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! One thing that makes Katrina different is that she also focuses on your personal life when she works with you on your business. She found that most business owners lack enough self-confidence to truly enable them to get to their next level or take those leaps of faith they need to take to finally achieve their ultimate dreams. Katrina’s goal is to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs how to love themselves fully, live a bigger life and leverage themselves to complete happiness. Katrina is an award-winning coach who has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC and CBS. Pick up a copy of her book today at www.LoveYourselfSuccessful.com or go get her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit and 2 additional Free Business-Building Gifts online at www.JumpStartYourMarketing.com/gifts!

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